What do we do?

Executing media strategies with the highest level of attention to details in order to achieve the planned KPI’s

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Digital Strategy & Execution

Google display network • Google search network • Programmatic premium networks • Search engine optimization • Local & International websites

Social Advertising

Facebook • Instagram • Twitter • Snapchat


Traditional & Digital media


Offline Advertising

TV Planning & Buying • OOH Planning & Buying • Radio Planning & Buying • Print Planning & Buying

Digital Strategy

PPC-Pay Per Click

The internet penetration is at an all-time high

If we take the Middle East as an example, we have around 65% population penetration rate

The beauty of online advertising lies in the flexibility and the detailed targeting that can be executed

Whether your objective is pure awareness, lead generation or product consideration our planning can be tailored to fit your needs

We engage in multiple platforms like Google Ads,Facebook Ads,Premium ad networks etc. at different levels of the digital funnel in order to walk through the potential unaware customer leading to sales increases

Our in-depth data analysis will help us find out new lookalike audience in order to increase our potential target penetration rate

Search Advertising

We create cost-effective search campaigns that reach targeted audiences

Search Advertising (Paid Search) places online ads on the search engine results page. It is key to your business in order to be visible on different platforms such as Google & partner search engines!… Search advertising is crucial for many businesses, and the benefits are undeniable in terms of brand awareness, marketing and driving leads to sales conversions

Social Advertising

Social media today is one of the most powerful marketing tools. Advertising on similar platforms is key to accelerating growth, awareness, engagement & leads

An estimated 45% of the world population use social media & roughly 60% are always connected

Social media channels are constantly improving and new platforms frequently emerging. Social advertising has grown exponentially and became the must-do advertising
Social media platforms are where people spend a lot of their personal time… brands need to be there.  If social advertising was wrongly executed, this can have detrimental results on your brands and marketing plans outcomes

Targeting & tone of voice should be specific to every persona we are trying to reach in order to achieve measurable results. Great White can help you in all these matters to build the best campaign on the most suitable channel for your brands & products


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization a practice that increases the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results

Great white can help you boost your organic search traffic by optimizing your website to perform better in search engines. We can help you optimize your website for organic search results ensuring a high-quality traffic via targeted keywords, consequently increasing leads and conversions

TV Planning

Planning should always be based on three main criteria: qualitative, quantitative & event based. The chosen target audience must fulfill the first two factors i.e. The program content direction must be a lookalike of our audience. We will reach a highly targeted viewership which will help us increase our GRP’s(gross rating points) in order to be able to cover the quantitative factor. The last optimization step is to always monitor daily events which are taking place and are related to our target audience

Our exemplary planning history is 98.65 % when comparing pre-evaluation planning estimates vs post evaluation results

OOH Planning

Reaching your target audience out of home is becoming more efficient thanks to Google live traffic data. We start by analyzing the planned routes and targeted areas and plan for locations accordingly


Radio Planning

Planning is done according to the radio station overall program listernship rating and music genres

Print Planning

Two factors are taken into consideration namely readership rating & theme